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March 7 (from 16:00) - 8 (from 13:00), 2022 in Tokyo Time
Starting Time varies considering different time zone of participants

Deadline: Please register by March 1 (Tue), 2022

Dr. Kamo Dr. Tonda Dr. Fukui Dr. Murakami Dr. Surovy
Dr. Kamo Dr. Tonda Dr. Fukui Dr. Murakami Dr. Surovy
Special Lecture on Statistics with R
NameInstitutionLecture Title
Dr. Ken-ichi KamoAssoc. Prof., Sapporo Medical Univ.Survival analysis and its application to forestry data with R
Dr. Tetsuji TondaProf., Prefec. Hiroshima Univ.Estimating varying coefficient for longitudinal data with R
Dr. Keisuke FukuiAssoc. Prof., Hiroshima Univ.Introductory trial by Shiny with R(Cancelled)
Dr. Daisuke MurakamiAssist. Prof., Institute of Stastical MathematicsExplolatory spatial data analysis with R
Dr. Peter SurovyAssoc. Prof., Czech Univ. of Life Science PragueImage analysis in R for forestry

Internship AgFReM 2022
Program Scheduled in Japanese Time Zone
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